Photographs by Victor Andreyev

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Here are photos by Victor Andreyev who was a friend of
Fr Alexander's father and from whom we have in particular
childhood and rather early photos of Fr Alexander.
These are accessible through:
but it is slightly complex if you do not read Russian so
I will put a selection of them here:

227238803 yDbgP-O.jpg

227805279 DYdzk-O.jpg

227805269 Arp9X-O.jpg

227805273 36Z2w-O.jpg

227238807 oL8po-O.jpg

227805277 cUihh-O.jpg

227239126 KHFkj-O.jpg

227238808 QR8jY-O.jpg

227238824 zpWd6-O.jpg

227238821 qDPLc-O.jpg

227238814 vHFk3-O.jpg

227239118 KBEMc-O.jpg

227239111 r2kic-O.jpg

227238811 QN2Ay-O.jpg