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The 2009 Alexander Men Conference in New York: New Models of Christian Witness, concluded on the evening of August 9 with an Evening of the Arts hosted by Union Theological Seminary. Photography by Boris Pitel.

Before the program begins, in the garden/ on left Fr Plekon Bishop Seraphim, Fr John Bostwick Fr Plekon Bishop Seraphim Fr John Bostwick.jpg

Nora Marks Dauenhauer poet from Alaska, Seminarian John and Mandy Frazier Nora Marks Dauenhauer John Mandy Frazier.jpg

Bishop Seraphim
Bishop Seraphim.jpg

Andrey Cherniak remembers Fr Alexander Men, his delicate thought and pastoral care Andrey Cherniak.jpg

Actor and author Richard Stearne reads 'Moonlight' by De Mauppasant Richard Stearne.jpg

Singer Dana Talley spoke on Fr Men and the arts and introduced a new setting of Fr Men's 'Prayer of Christ's Disciples' Singer Dana Talley.jpg

Natasha Lutov sang from Handel's messiah Natasha Lutov.jpg

Poet Nora Marks Dauenhauer Nora Marks Dauenhauer.jpg

Theologian Fr. Michael Plekon speaks on the gifts we receive from Fr Men's last lecture as indications for the future
Fr Michael Plekon.jpg

Richard Dauenhauer reads from his poetry
Richard Dauenhauer.jpg

Robert Aberdeen performs stage magic
Robert Aberdeen.jpg

Frank Purcell reads from Newman
Frank Purcell.jpg

The evening was enjoyed! The evening was enjoyed.jpg

All in all in three hours which passed quickly indeed, concluding with the showing of a series of paintings by Lilya Ratner, a kaleidoscope of feeling and intuition and art... offered together in witness to the memory of Fr Men and in looking to the Christian future...

Peter Von Berg declaims Thomas A Becket's speech from Murder in the Cathedral Peter Von Berg.jpg