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What's available in English?

Room2red.jpg Exhibit of Fr Alexander's books in his room.

Below is a complete list of works by and about Fr Alexander Men available in English. Customers of either or can order these books by clicking on the appropriate link.

Witness for Contemporary Russia.jpg
Alexander Men: A witness for contemporary Russia, a man for our times, by Yves Hamant. Definitive biography of Father Alexander. Includes over 100 photos. The book takes readers through Fr Men's Jewish origins, his formative years, his call to the priesthood, his contacts with Solzhenitsyn and others, and his twenty years as priest in Novaya Derevnya. Trans. Steven Bigham (1995). [1] [2]

About Christ and the Church.jpg
About Christ and the Church. Spontaneous talks given in response to parishioners' questions. These talks were often secretly held in people's homes. Topics include: the role of the church in the modern world, the paschal mystery of the church, the humanity of Jesus, redemption. Trans. Alexis Vinogradov (1996). Read full review. Read excerpts.

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Awake to Life.jpg Awake to Life! Sermons from the Paschal (Easter) Cycle. Transcriptions of sermons preached during the pre-Lenten, Great Lent, Easter (Pascha), and post-Easter Sundays and other holy days through Pentecost. Stresses the resurrection of Jesus and true faith in Him. Trans. Marite Sapiets (1996).

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Christianity 21st Century.jpg Christianity for the Twenty-First Century: The Prophetic Writings of Alexander Men. Gives a deeper insight into Fr Alexander's world view, his analysis of religion, the modern world, and the role of faith. Includes brief biography, articles, interviews, a "Credo for Today's Christian", and the lecture given on the eve of Fr Men's assassination. Elizabeth Roberts and Ann Shukman, eds. (1996). Read full review. Read articles.

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Seven Talks on the Creed.jpg Seven Talks on the Creed Seven Talks on the Creed. Written for the laity as the Russian Church was emerging from seventy years of darkness. Straightforward, beautiful explanation of the Nicene Creed. Large 8x10 inch format. Plastic Comb bound (1999).

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Son of Man.jpg Son of Man Son of Man: Story of Christ and Christianity. Truly a life's work in that Fr Alexander wrote and re-wrote over a 40-year period this account of the life of Jesus Christ. Fleshes out the Gospels by insightful commentary and explanation of Jewish and other cultural backdrop of the New Testament times. Trans. Samuel Brown (1998). Read extracts

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Orthodox Worship Sacrament Word Image.jpg Orthodox Worship Orthodox Worship: Sacrament, Word, and Image. A primer on the Orthodox faith. Topics include the Liturgy, the Sacraments, the Bible, Feast Days, the Paschal cycle (1999). "This is a pastoral book and ... that of a good pastor. He gives to souls not only general tutorial truths, but also leads them into the reality of God's work in the world--and of our work, which is to be open to grace."

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