August Academic Conference

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The 2009 Alexander Men Conference in New York: New Models of Christian Witness, began on August 8 with a full day of sessions--4 speakers to plenary session and 8 workshops in two sessions. Nyack College hosted at its New York City campus in downtown Manhatten. Papers will be posted separately but these photographs, the most of them by Boris Pitel [1], can give a sense of the feeling of the day...not least the joyful interaction of participants

Bishop Seraphim, Drs.Steven Notley and President Michael Scales of Nyack Bp Seraphim Drs Steven Notley President Michael Scales.jpg

Rev. Dr Joel Scandrett gave the keynote address on the signigicant convergence of streams of the sacramental, the evangelical, and the charismatic in the churches today Rev Dr Joel Scandrett.jpg

Fr Michael Meerson and physicist Alexei Tsvelik on left,Peter Von Berg, April French from Regent College in British Columbia, Bishop Seraphim and Drs Notley and Scandrett Fr Meerson Alexei Tsvelik Peter Von Berg April French Bp Seraphim Drs Notley Scandrett.jpg

Karina Cherniak speaks on the prophetic vision of the Church ennunciated by Mother Maria Skobtsova and then by Fr Alexander Men
Karina Cherniakb.jpg

Nyack associate dean of arts and scientists Dr Fernando Arzola presents his model for a youth ministry, synthesizing the values of the traditional and the socially and prophetically oriented Dr Fernando Arzola.jpg

Andrey Cherniak leads a workshop on Catechesis Andrey Cherniakb.jpg

Dr. Tsvelik opens out the Anthropic Principle in cosmology in his workshop Dr Tsvelik.jpg

Conversations between sessions Conversations a.jpg

Conversations b.jpg

Conversations c.jpg

Conversations d.jpg

Conversations e.jpg

Olga Bukhina on the translation work and example of Natalia Trauberg Olga Bukhina.jpg

Again between sessions from left Frank Purcell, Joel Scandrett, Bishop Seraphim, Mark Hershberger and Robert Morris of Interweave Center

Frank Purcell, Joel Scandrett Bishop Seraphim Mark Hershberger Robert Morris.jpg

Between sessions.jpg

Photograph of Fr Men from Sergei Bezsmertny
Fr Alexander Men.jpg